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Direct Investigation

Cases under Investigation

2 December 2021 Pilot Scheme on Community Care Service Voucher for the Elderly Pdf Version
23 September 2021 Measures and usage of on-street parking spaces designated for people with disabilities Pdf Version
31 August 2021 Government’s regulation of illegal occupation or obstruction of streets by goods and miscellaneous articles Pdf Version
15 July 2021 Operational arrangements for statutory visits under Justices of the Peace Visit Programme Pdf Version
15 July 2021 Problem of alleged illegal operation of kaito ferry service Pdf Version
29 June 2021 Government’s enforcement against unauthorised building works in New Territories Exempted Houses Pdf Version
22 June 2021 Problem of abandoned vehicles on government land Pdf Version
18 March 2021 Civil Aviation Department’s regulation of paragliding activities Word Version
14 January 2021 Government’s regulation of boarding facilities for foreign domestic helpers Word Version
14 January 2021 Effectiveness of rodent prevention and control by Food and Environmental Hygiene Department Word Version
30 November 2020 Management and effectiveness of waste separation bins Word Version
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